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Lee Gardner



Lee Gardner Bio

Bio Lee gardner entered the music scene around 1990.As fresh young dj with a growing passion for vinyl and an interested in hardcore and the evolving house and rave scene. Back in them early days he entered the scene with his first experience of private parties and the secret rave scene that was unfolding at that time.With many a underground party under his belt and many a night spent at the fitness workshop,a local club, being educated by older more experienced dj's,his passion started to move towards house.
Moving then into the club scene in '96,he began working for club promoter fallen angles.For the next two years with great success and a many a wild night based in the basement at the hanover grand
From this point on lee's career began to snowball with a respectable list of club such as legends,propaganda,the cross,aquarium,many of which sadly no longer exist today.But go down as some of the most outstanding clubs of there time.Bringing their like minded audience an education in the movement of house music.
With the music set in his soul the nights rolled on with ministry,the egg,turnmills,rouge,how long do we have!!.
By this time lee had made a well known name for himself as a experienced Dj with an individual and respected take on house music scene.Braking into promoting his own nights in london and local surrounding clubs.opium lounge became home to promoting his own night known as san frandisco which was a credible night which stood it's ground in romford for over two years.
To this day lee is still working hard pushing forward his passion and knowledge in educating the younger generation with his own studio and online radio station.Opening young minds to the sounds of the old and the new.
You'll find lee still working the club scene at the weekends with big names such as the honey club,the den and many more.And at this present time,working hard to promote his own underground night with partner grant b,pushing forward the sound of the underground and the need for grown up,quality house music!!!!!......

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