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A Touch Of Royal Class

This time round we welcome Darkersound aka Russ Pattison to the Voodoo and Prayers with his first debut EP entitled “Imperial Highness”.

Russ has been in electronic music for 25 years origåinally as The Voyd & Noize Corporation but always writing, producing and creating music through a Blade Runner tinted pair of glasses and being massively inspired by Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. With a mantra of innovation and non-conformity linked with a love of keyboard playing, he is an ideal artist for us. Fast forward to present day earlier this year VP artist-producer Mark Dedross listened to a couple of Russ’s tracks under the guise of Darkersound & was impressed enough that they remained on his playlist on repeat for a number of days before being forwarded over to Moojaa and so begins the next part of the story.

“Imperial Highness” in its original form was initially written by Russ as a lullaby to help his baby daughter get to sleep and this early version still has its original form to a degree in the breathtaking “Lillyana mix” which would grace any film score or could be the soundtrack to an amazing sunset.

With a melody to raise your frequencies to higher levels coupled with a long deep baseline, the main mix is then lavishly spread with touches of breakbeat, that lift up the original melody to new heights.

This and the Main Mix combine all the elements to produce a track of epic proportions and an amazing Epilogue to any DJ set, a truly one piece of music that would leave any crowd wanting more, but would also send them off with love and happiness in their hearts, we stand by the music we release on this label and with this track we believe its a life-changing piece of music. When music is organically pasted on and finds its place it's a beautiful thing and we are very grateful that universe aligned for us to present Darkersound and this track to you, and we welcome Russ to the tribe.

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