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A View Of Cosmology

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

The Next release and last one for 2021 and hot on the heels of our first Number One in November in the Deep House Releases Beatport Chart is 'Sergio Villas' with his Double A side Organic House EP which has two stunning tracks titled ’Cosmology’ and 'Paris At Night'.

In the first of the tracks, Cosmology is a builder that focuses on a soundscape of lush chords and strings with pop wave influences and drenched with pads that would not be out of place in a final scene of Blade Runner. There is a beautiful underlying rhythm and bass that gently lifts the story. The whirlygig arpeggiator sounds and vox staps bring more depth to the track as it lifts. There is a melodic melodrama about the whole vibe that rises up and in turn, is brought into light with some very uplifting drops. A very lush sound covers the whole of this song and gives an epic start to the EP.

A Night in Paris brings a different mood to the club, with its dark rolling bass to start and punctual percussion. Lifting up to the main part of the track it is a creative blend of dramatic cello’s, strings and poppy Organic Rhythms which brings something very unique and to be honest something very refreshing to the Organic House genre the track sits in. Thoughts of the historic east and china flow to tempt your imagination with the occasional Crouching Tiger in the mix.

You can pre-order the EP on the 24th of November on Beatport and the release date is the 10th of December.

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