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B-Mono starts off 2022

Our first release for 2022, welcomes from Essex UK, B-Mono to our imprint with a 4 track EP titled "Coracle". With two other original tracks "Nefarious" & "Cardioid" including a remix from DANIEL [UK] of "Nefarious".



This track is made for anyone who has felt the heat from the tarmac as they step off a plane at Sant Antoni De Portmany and felt the thump of the island as they make their way out.


Cool chords and a rumble of base like a horse race, Nefarious looks at the school divide that carries across the water and sets itself up like a cheap tent in a monsoon. "They listen to this, those ones dance like that". The prejudices that our egos create to keep us safe, until 4 am and you are all locked into the same 8 hours set in a forest somewhere, sharing water and stories with your new lifelong friends. This is why it is fitting that this EP also contains a remix of Nefarious by Daniel (Cerca Trova). Daniel and B-MONO have spent just such moments together and this EP is dedicated to that friendship and the surrounding circle of friends.


A cardioid is a heart-shaped curve traced by a point on the circumference of a circle as it rolls around another identical circle. It's the shape created by the orbit of Earth and Venus and it's the movement of two things objectified. Throw your hands up and think of this as feel this track move through you.

Like a journey over two mountains, this track builds from the get-go in an unconventional way, pushing the boundaries more and more to new heights before dropping you into a more conventional groove, only to turn round and do it to you again.

It's a tool for DJ's to rabble-rouse a room to euphoria, so use it.

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