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Cry For Freedom

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Pre-Order 18th Feb 2022 / Release Date 4th March 2022

We welcome back for our 2nd release for the new year, Bemannte & Bruder with their Deep Progressive House track titled, "Freedom Day". We first welcomed this duo to the tribe back in October 2021 with their first release "Driving". Since then they have seen 2 released tracks and a remix for Stripped Recordings, but we are super excited to have them back with us for this release. The guys have been steadily been growing their reputation for great quality music with the scene and continue this with this next EP. We eagerly enlisted two of the VP family Sergio Vilas & Tulshi this time round to give their take on this cry for freedom.

First up is Sergi Vilas with his twist on things, still in the progressive style but taking a slightly more uplifting route with long reverb vocal chants and uplifting pads, to bring a more organic feel to the proceedings, and all washed over with that distinct uplifting sound he is renowned for.

Next up Tushi with a completely alternative view on the music, he has dropped everything into a state of calm and serenity. Droplets of the original track are draped over this stripped away version which then suddenly starts to build momentum with beautiful hand drums all part of the building crescendo of the remix, which then drops off and brings us back into the end of this musical meditation.



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