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Counting Down The Days - "13,360 Days To Go"

Lee Gardner - 13,360 days to go cover

VP009 has arrived and we welcome UK DJ/Producer Lee Gardner with a lesson in the art of Deep, Dub, Minimal production. Having forged a DJ carrier that has included some of the best clubs London has to offer, coupled with his many years of listening and playing dance music, Lee was always destined to sit down and let those ideas come forth as seen by the many credible signings for his music such as black seaside, music-related, Platform Seven, Ole Records and most recently with two signings to salted music. With the drive and creativity growing ever stronger with age and experience his passion and capabilities are endless. The fraise in your bones is the best way to explain lee Gardner when it comes to a passion in the production of his music, with a continuous flow of house music propelling his career as an artist to new heights.

13,360 Days To Go - Was a production made with an apparition of how fragile time is and this being how long he has left to live we can all take stock of this thought, this track is soaked in Roots Dub flavors, with calling Native Vocal through track and siren undercurrent. Analog Cut - is awash in rolling African grooves, woodblocks, and spacey reverb, shuffles in the dark corner of club is the true nature of this one. And last but by no means the back of the cue, Repdat: with its Minimal Deep Dub vibes that nicely frames the whole EP and with his grasp of the organic infectious groove he lays down music with all the creature comforts of a Sunday night in London clubland.

We are very happy to be able to bring the music of this upward spiraling producer to Voodoo and Prayers, and in the knowledge, there is more music to come forth in the future, welcome to the Tribe Lee.

Release Date 2020-01-31

Catalog No: VP009

Lee Gardner - 13,360 Days To Go EP

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