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Exploring South America Through the Music of Nufects & Victor Arruda: Our Latest Releases

November was focused squarely on the music of South America for Voodoo & Prayers.

Not only did we welcome new artists to the family, we also released from the new a fresh talent of this vibrant part of the world, we introduce NUFECTS from Columbia and Victor Arruda from Argentina.

So lets begin in Columbia and with Alejo Higuita & Carlos Fajardo who are the DJ/ Production Duo NUFECTS. The guys both from Medellín formed in 2013, and decided to undertake a project together fusing their love for music production and blending there DJ skills to form there unique sound and the story begins.

Short for The New Effect they began to form a distinct musical imprint crossing over progressive, melodic and organic House. They have been stepped into the view of some of the biggest names in the scene, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Cid Inc, and including some very important Colombian talents like Gux Jimenez, Kamilo Sanclemente, Dabeat.

With recognition by top labels from around the globe such as Sound Avenue, Movement Recordings, WARPP, Mango Alley, Juicebox Music to name but a few they have not stopped driving forward with there passion and motivation.

We are super excited welocme them and to present there first debut for us at V&P and look forward to more new music & remixes in the future from NUFECTS.

The Debut two track EP titled "Cienga" & "Mojana"

Infectious Rhythm is a stable part of the duo's musical style and its prominent thru out the whole EP. The Deep and epic Cienga is super smooth in its creation. Beautiful harmonic undertones flourish the track and add the uplifting strings gel with the driving groove and create a stunning breakdown. Steel drums punctuate the air lifting the crescendos for the drop in. This progressive House gem is defiantly one for the playlist or DJ set for sure.

Mojana is a master class in the way baselines and percussion come together effortlessly to form the stable backbone of the additive swung out rhythm that just keeps the mind fixed on the dance floor. The vocal in the breakdown takes you away to the outer levels of the mind, and then the introduction of melodic bells and slightly menacing synth transfer you back to the contagious main groove.

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