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Vedant's Marakame EP: Organic House merged with shamanic music.

Updated: Mar 20

This is Cover art for the Marakme release in our latest blog
Marakame EP Cover art

The power of shamanic and organic.

The undeniable power of electronic Music as a medicine is something we are avid believers of here at V&P and this is why the next artist to join the VP family it’s so significant . Vedant and his music revolves around the practices of indigenous. Mexican tribes, plant medicine, and the shamanic ways. The influence and Healing essence of his current offering. Marakame EP has him taking influences from the Huichol indigenous people of Mexico this woven into his distinct organic Downtempo style of music. The EP contains the tracks Marakame, luz infinity and ecstatic. All of them, have a spiritual element revolving around ceremony and shamanic practice. The marakme are the shamen of these tribes and the link between this world and spirit. You can feel the ascendancy of these special human conduits in his music and this will be channeled t0 the dance floor for sure. It is indeed powerful music for the soul and spirit alike and still yet captures the focus of an underground dance floor.

Vedant praying in the jungle with. smudge stick

How does shamanic music and Organic House become Merged:

Vedant as project has been mixing ethnic sounds of Mexico and the world, merging them with Organic House, Afro & tribal techno to bring a voice for these people. Diago has become known for more than 20 years around the world with different musical projects, such as Dj Vedant, Kluster7, Antigua & Rio, he has also played at various festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

Hi style brings a mixture of deep basses, refined melodic lines and above all that

tribal-tech rhythm, it is what undoubtedly makes him merge with the music its "Organic House merged with shamanic music.”

Vedant is part of a new current of music that rescues the sounds lyrics of all the tribes and peoples of America by fusing it with organic electronica, he is also the curator of the ININ Music label.

We are excited to bring you the distinct sound of this Talented Mexican Producer to the imprint and his first venture for us is three tracks sculpted to envoke the spirit that lives in all of us and the world around. In perfect synergy with our label ethics this EP and Vendant's values and ethos for his music sit side by side. The medicina you need is now available on all platforms. Just click the link below to find the music.


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