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Reflections; the art of remixing with Kin Izaguirre

We chat to Mexican producer Kin Izaguirre, one half of our recent ‘Reflections’ series EP, about influences, production processes, and the art of remixing.

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As we plough into the middle of a busy year, and the temperatures rise, Voodoo and Prayers reflect on some of the standout moments from our repertoire of phenomenal artists. And with this we unveil 'Reflections;' a fresh take on our back catalogue to discover how existing artists from our roster, create a fresh perspective to each other’s music. In essence two artists, two remixes, and a mutual appreciation and rework of each other’s tracks, released on one EP. 


With release 001 being the first in the 'Reflections' series we unite Tulshi & Kin Izaguirre, and take a fresh look at their tracks 'The Visitor' & 'Amber Suns'. Retrospectively, Tulshi's remix of Kin's original track 'Amber Suns' has reached number 3 in the melodic and deep raw techno categories on beatport (with Kin's remix of Tulshi's track 'The Visitor' reaching number 7 in the progressive house release charts).  Keeping the integrity of the original track whilst stamping their distinct style on each other’s work renders the EP a masterclass in boundary pushing remixing. 

man in a dark recording studio
Tulshi in the studio

Kin's original 'Amber Suns' was released just prior to full-pelt pandemic panic back in March 2020. With its atmospheric progressive heartbeat, it manages to be both shimmering organic and dystopian all at once. The track then had a breaksy rework by electronic artist Darkersound in 2021, who has dualled with Kin in the remix of his own work. But it is Tulshi's 2024 remix which has really kicked off the ‘Reflection’ premise officially. Tulshi’s remix raises the heartbeat of ‘Amber Suns’ with his signature groove, whilst retaining its synthy melodrama. In turn Tulshi's 2021 percussive groove 'The Visitor,' with its subtle vocal nuances, transforms from summertime sway into sunset and beyond, with Kin's subtle transcending drama, and shimmering synths.


But we wanted to hear more from the artists themselves, and were lucky enough to speak to one half of the ‘Reflections’ duo Kin Izaguiree, and hear about the method behind the magic of his reworking.


Originally from Mexico City, and currently based in the State of Mexico, Kin started his voyage into production 20 years ago, initially starting behind the decks.

man in the shadows looking to one side
Kin Izagurrie

"I started as a DJ 20 years ago, inspired by a diverse range of influences including electronic and rock groups like Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Café Tacuba, and Pink Floyd to name a few. Additionally, DJs such as Nick Warren, John Digweed, Sasha, Nathan Fake, and James Holden played a significant role in shaping my musical taste. Eventually, I felt the need to experiment with my own sounds and create my own productions. In 2017, I began making my first tracks and learning about the production process, including DAWs, hardware, and techniques. I also took some courses with friends in the industry here in Mexico. I am constantly learning new things to improve myself and my productions.



When starting a track, I usually begin with a foundation of kick and bass to establish the primary groove. Then, I explore various sounds to find a synth that aligns with the intention I have in mind. Alternatively, I might start with a synth and build around it with the kick and bass. I experiment with melodies to find a match with the bass and the groove I envisage. Once I have the main idea, I proceed with sequencing and automation. I aim to create sequences that engage the audience and enjoy smooth transitions. I believe that music allows us to experiment with new ideas and concepts, trying to represent our thoughts. I enjoy the journey and the creative process, then refine and improve until I am satisfied with the experience that I have when listening to the final result."


It is always interesting to hear how artists reach their summit in terms of their chosen sound. To have one's signature on their own work is important to set a tone as an artist, but to have their stamp on someone else's track is quite another. So, the question is, how does remixing a track differ from starting a track from scratch, and how does an artist harness their own trademark sound as it were?


“Remixing a track is different from starting a track from scratch. When working on a remix, I listen to the original track multiple times to grasp its distinct sound and concept. Then, I begin transforming the sound into my own style whilst trying to maintain the concept derived from the listening process. As for my trademark sound, it often involves deep, melodic elements with intricate rhythms and smooth transitions. 

I discovered Tulshi's music through the Voodoo & Prayers label, and this is one of the things I truly enjoy about collaborations and remixes; you get to discover new artists and a lot of great music. I really like his tracks ‘Merlin,’ ‘Nimue,’ ‘Avalon,’ and of course, ‘The Visitor.’ He has a solid and distinctive sound with great vibes in all his productions. His evolving basslines blend organically with the percussion, creating a captivating listening experience. 


With Tulshi's remix of my own track 'Amber Suns' he created his own atmosphere, with a solid foundation and new elements that integrate organically to make a track with a good groove and immersive sounds. I think it's great material for organic and progressive sets.

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In my remix of "The Visitor," I aimed to retain the essence of the original bass whilst infusing it with a more progressive and melodic vibe. I started by capturing the main bassline and adding a slight twist to enhance its depth and drive. Building on this foundation, I incorporated a couple of synths to introduce tension and create smoother transitions throughout the track. My goal was to create an immersive soundscape that engages the listener and evokes a sense of journey. I think this remix will fit well in my sets. I really enjoyed working on it. “



Stepping back from the collaborative masterpiece however, we wanted to view the bigger picture, and hear about how Kin's sound had changed over the years.


"My musical journey has been quite dynamic. Throughout, I've remained committed to maintaining a distinct sonic identity whilst also embracing opportunities for growth and learning. As such, I continuously seek out new insights and techniques to further enhance and perfect my sound, recognising that the pursuit of musical excellence is an ongoing process.

 My plans with my music moving forwards are straightforward. I aim to devote more time and energy to my craft, with a particular focus on collaboration. Currently, I'm working on a new EP and two upcoming remix projects. These endeavours represent an opportunity for me to explore new creative avenues and expand my musical horizons. Ultimately, I aspire to continue evolving as an artist and connecting with listeners through my music."


If power in numbers holds any gravity, we think collaborating with Kin would be an honour.

'written by Voodoo & Prayers contributor Rosie Riot'


You can find out more about Kin here, and download/listen to our latest E.P the here

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