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Shodan the Tales of a Bass-line shifter

Updated: May 31, 2022

There are very few artists that can say that they were there at the birth of the Drum & Bass era but Shodan is one of them, and there are very few labels that can say they have seen the birth of a new pathway in a musical direction for this accomplished producer, Voodoo & Prayers is that imprint.

With a shining career in creating Bass-lines that would go on to catch the attention of the likes of DJ Marky and DJ Phantasy and then see the birth of a production partnership with the latter, a new path is being created in a completely new direction and shifting those bass-lines in to the House scene non the less.

V&P have been extremely lucky to catch the very start of this journey and are proud to welcome Shodan to the fold of our flourishing family, with an EP consisting of 2 Deep House numbers that are set to stamp a firm mark on this alternative direction. Titled “Punchdrunk’ / Downturn both tracks are super funky with some serious deep basslines… well that was a given.!

Punchdrunk is full of nose scrunching, face gurning beats, bouncy as fuck and I dare you to not pull a shape or two whilst listening. Underlined with hammond chords, serious as you like and strong claps to keep the whole thing super tight around the serious bass-line. I have a feeling the real house heads are gonna love this super bouncy heads down, bad boy bopper!!

Downturn is the deeper of the two with disco elements with warm evolving keyboard tones throughout. Grooves are the name of the game with this one and funky guitar effect stabs are a plenty. The soulful vibes roll beautifully throughout the track, a real Deep House classic in the making.

As first time House EP’s go Shodan has flown out of the gate and over the first hurdle like a prize winning horse at Ascot, there is something about this release that brings the memories of the music that started it all for me as a DJ in the very begining. You will be hearing this one for sure on this summers dance floors, and another great thing about sharing the talents of this soon to be recognised house producer is that we shared many a laugh and chat in the basement of Metro records shop in Southend-on-sea, where at the time I worked, and he had set up his studio some 15 - 20 or so years ago.

This journey of building a strong and credible imprint is made all the better for the fact that we can push talented producers to the forefront and be part of their creative journey and so we are grateful to Shodan for starting his with us.

Pre-order Now and the full release is 10th June

Download or stream / Shodan - Punchdrunk/Downturn below:

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