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New Music from Steve Sessions

UK-based DJ/Producer Steve Sessions has been on the progressive house scene for a while now DJing & Producing. Well known for blending tech house beats, and rolling bass lines with progressive melodies into his music he has been on a range of labels on his journey.

Steve’s journey began in the Nineties as a rave DJ dropping music at local parties and has over the years settled into his stride in the progressive house scene. After studying music production Steve started to produce and developed his own style and carved it out.

Steve’s musical journey has now led him to work alongside and in collaboration with fellow DJs/producers such as Flipstones. The pair of them are now releasing smooth progressive house belters such as “Perception” and “Fable Essence” under the name Insync-Minds, with remixes for artists such as Sean McCellan and Black List Productions on Journey Deep Records and Mirabilis Records.

Insync-Minds is another project of steve's formed with a friend, production Partner and radio host Lee Calderon, they are soon to release a new remix of Steve Darley’s “Substance” which is due out later this year.

We are super happy to welcome Steve to the imprint with his two-track Progressive House EP titled "Hypothesis" & "Duration".

Both tracks are very original in their concept and production. "Hypothesis"

is full of heady swirls and arpeggiated melodies with this underlining bass and groove that blends the track imaginatively.

"Duration" is the more percussive of the two tracks, In the beginning, it's deeper but opens up to a circus-like melody full of excitement.

Both tracks have a performance-like quality about them a lesson in the art of uplifting music that swirls around your headspace to create euphoria. These two tracks alone frame perfectly the originality that Steve strives for in his music and this is just one of the reasons we are grateful that he chose to release on Voodoo & Prayers.


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