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TOP 5 Influential House Tracks from Darkersound

In this feature we will be asking each of our artists to share with us there top 5 house tracks that where the most influential to them in there musical journey. First up to coiside with the full release of his new Debut EP "Imperial Highness" we have Russ Pattison aka Darkersound with his choose of tracks and videos below and why they stood out for him.

Stream or download his EP just following the link:

And now on to his top 5.


Darkersound: "Ok I’ve gone for classic tracks to narrow it down - i found it very difficult when you’ve been there from the birth of house to select a few but these are the ones for me".

5. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash

Had to mention this track from another master producer. Nothing sounded like this when it came out and it was totally immersive and captivating. What strikes me now when I listen to this track is how effective “less is more” can be. True masterclass of sonic perfection for its time. Dark indeed.


4. Lil Louis - French Kiss

Those in the the know will understand what an amazing track this was for production values and authenticity at the time this was released. Forward thinking and an absolute classic banging tune. Essential.


3. LFO - LFO

Released in 1990 and tore the scene up. Put WARP records on the map and made it into the UK charts. Sub bass heaven topped off with an angelic and both demonic pad - electronic bliss. Mark Bell went on to produce Bjork and toured the world. RIP brother.


2. Candi Staton - You Got The Love

What a superb voice and brilliant production originally created in 1986 and remixed many times since. Her vocals dropped over the Frankie Knuckles classic “Your love” was genius and works brilliantly. True classic tune.


1. Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray


You can Stream or Download Darkersound's "Imperial Highness" from Friday 14th September from the link below and don't forget to put us in your spotify playlists:

Darkersound - Imperial Highness [Main Mix]

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