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World Dance Music With Molac

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Molac is an eclectic electronic music project founded by Ecuadorian composer and producer Alan Moss. This project started more than 8 years ago and has been focused on merging various genres of house music. The melodic, organic and progressive touches are part of his personal stamp and the reason we were drawn to his music.

He finds the ability to bring a number of cultures and instruments into his music, blending them in perfect synergy to demonstrate his "World Dance Music" ethos and incorporating these into his grooves and to birth into existence his very distinct sound. Passionate about Live Sets, he has presented his shows and productions in several cities in his country and Roto Fest, as well as released his music under record labels such as Balkan Connection, Peace Symphonies and Be Adult Music among others.

His musical catalogue ranges from Melodic House/Techno and Organic House to genres such as Deep House or even Downtempo further demonstrating the unique and creative mind of this imaginative, innovative and accomplished producer.

This super lush blissful piece of music is graceful and epic all in one, the emotion is felt in every fine tasteful drop of the stunning production. Blended with harps, multi-layered strings, Harmony and rich chords, this stunningly crafted piece of music is so uplifting and is sure to place anyone on the dance floor in a Euphoric state of tranquillity, but don't take my word for it just listen.

With a more progressive feel to this Organic House production, there is a deeper and exotic feel to Monad. Deep House stabs underline the track with a solitary guitar piercing the production throughout, creating an atmosphere in the track of Nights on the beach and dancing with friends under the stars.

This EP is a stand-alone example of the skill and talent of this Ecuadorian producer and the quality of his music speaks loud and proud to us here at V&P for this reason you will be seeing more of Molac in the future and we are proud to have him in the tribe of musical originators.

Download and stream it here:

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