VP009_13360 days to go_cover.jpg

13,360 Days To Go

Release date 31/01/20

Lee Gardner

VP005 cover.jpg

Northern Quarter / Shamam

Release date 05/07/19

Mark Dedross


Padre Sol

Release date 04/01/18

Carlos Pashe  - Padre Sol / Padre Cielo

VP008-cover s.jpg

Hidden Depths [Fractal Architect Remix]

Release date 13/12/19

Moojaa & Norman H - Hidden Depths

Remixes / Fractal Architect  Remix


Night Beach

Release date 17/05/19

Talal - Night Beach / Original Mix

Nihil Young aka Less Hate Remix



Release date: 23/11/18

Mark Dedross & Jason Noble - Original Mix

Mark Dedross - Elsewhere


Imperial Highness

Release date 05/07/19


VP004 cover.jpg

Hidden Depths [Justin Steel Remix]

Release date 08/02/19

Moojaa & Norman H - Hidden Depths

Remixes / Justin Steel Remix

VP001 front cover Hidden Depths - Moojaa

Hidden Depths

Release date 21/09/18

Moojaa & Norman H - Hidden Depths

Original Mix / Robert Babicz Remix

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