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"One Way Up"

Includes the tracks

Hypnotic Sate & Back On The Wagon


the story of an imprint

Welcome to Voodoo & Prayers here you will find all the information you need about our Independent record label, our music, our artists, our club nights, our blog and our merchandise. The imprint was founded in 2018 by DJ and Producer Moojaa and the label features his productions as well as other artists, and was given birth to express his multi genre take on the world of Electronic music. The ethos of the label was to introduce artists and music from a wide spectrum of the scene, including Electronica, Organic House, Progressive House, Deep House, Melodic House and Techno, but also not to exclude the cracks in between where lots of interesting and inspiring music can find itself. 

All religions and belief structures use intentions & prayers coupled with music as a way of healing and producing magic and energy. These ceremonies include drums, rhythm or music to uplift the soul, which bring power to the medicine. People join together to experience the benefits and healing of these powerful gatherings. For us this begins to sound a lot like a raver, a dancer or a music head all under spell of the healing power of music. The coming together of ravers, of dancers, a gathering of like minded people all wanting to feel the vibes and be healed by a wave of music and frequency to take them into another world. 

The healing power of music and people coming together all under one roof,be it a ceiling or the stars is one of the most beautiful things you will experience.


You can download, watch & follow our music and events.


V&P On Spotify

VOODOO & PRAYERS is constantly releasing new music into the world.
As an Independent Record Label in Ibiza, we have had the opportunity to work with immensely talented Producers, musicians & DJ's helping them record and release their music. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest EP's, albums and single releases. Just click thru and like the V&P Spotify playlist for all our music, and feel free to add in to your playlists and spread the love.

Come and join us on Instagram for more info and annoncments

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