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Voodoo & Prayers: Kamilo Sanclemente’s ‘Amethyst Remixes’

Updated: Mar 20

let the magic of Amethyst unfurl through the prism of four gifted remix artists

” Certain rhythms in our minds help us match up with the rhythms in music. This is why repetitive electronic remixes could boost productivity, especially if there are no lyrics.”

Emerging from the bustling, vibrant musical heart of Ibiza is the underground electronic music label, Voodoo & Prayers. Steadfast in our mission to bring exceptional music to the ears of discerning listeners, we're ecstatic to present a release that, in many ways, exemplifies our commitment to our craft. We are pleased to introduce 4 Amethyst Remixes by Kamilo Sanclemente, an offering that weaves a tapestry of intense auditory experiences in two parts, showcasing four remarkable remixes by four equally remarkable artists.

Kamilo Sanclemente, a highly prolific electronic music producer hailing from Cali, Colombia, has been steadily etching his name into the annals of progressive house music. His globally celebrated sound has been topping sales charts, earning recognition and accolades from renowned DJs, music magazines, and fans alike. Sanclemente’s Amethyst became a gem in the electronic music world with its release, creating sonic waves that refused to subside. So, it was only natural to let the magic of Amethyst unfurl further, through the prism of four gifted remix artists, each bringing their unique musical prowess to the project. The result? The captivating two-part release - Amethyst Remixes.

Part 1: Amethyst Remixes - Out Now

This is the first electrifying chapter of the two-part 'Amethyst Remixes' series, where the enticing realms of organic house are explored and redefined by two impressive artists - the veteran DJ, Will Sea, and the young trailblazer, Lucas Zarate.

Will Sea, an embodiment of Vancouver's pulsating DJ scene, has made a name for himself in the electronic music realm. His music has charmed its way into the sets of illustrious names like Ferry Corsten and R3HAB, underscoring the impact he's had on the genre. Over the years, Will has developed an uncanny ability to bend genres, infuse vitality into his sets, and create an unyielding connection with his audience - a testament to his formative years spent crafting his style in the bustling club scene of Vancouver. His rendition of Amethyst is a sonic manifestation of his talents - an enticing mix that echoes with the vibrancy of a house party, the versatility of genre-blending, and an instinctive understanding of the audience's pulse. Listening to Will's remix is an auditory journey into a world where energy is contagious and the vibes are irresistibly infectious.

Lucas Zarate, on the other hand, brings a unique dimension to the Amethyst remixes. Despite his young age, this Argentinian whizz kid, born in 2001, has demonstrated a maturity and finesse in his music that belies his years. Starting his DJing career at a tender age of 18, Lucas quickly caught the attention of electronic music maestros such as Nick Warren, Sebastien Leger, Facundo Mohr, and Gorje Hewek. His rise is nothing short of remarkable, and his contribution to the 'Amethyst Remixes' serves to cement his status as a promising artist to watch. In his hands, Amethyst transforms into a compelling tapestry of sounds, blending forceful rhythms with intricate melodies, a testament to Lucas's enduring quest to captivate listeners and introduce them to a new dimension of sound.

“Let the music of Will Sea and Lucas Zarate take you on an immersive ride through the enthralling world of organic house.”

Both remixes in the first part of the 'Amethyst Remixes' series offer a refreshing reinterpretation of Kamilo Sanclemente's original track, each adding a unique spin while staying true to the essence of the organic house genre. They're proof that the power of music lies in its ability to be reimagined in infinite ways, by artists of varying backgrounds and experiences.


Part 2: Amethyst Remixes - Pre-order Now

(Full Release – July 14, 2023)

Part two of the Amethyst Remixes takes a plunge into progressive house and indie dance, with remixes from Luze and Marcan Liav.

Luze, an Atlanta-based EDM producer and DJ, is no stranger to the grooves and mysteries of electronic music. His Amethyst remix, dubbed the 'Flying High Remix', marries techno, house, and ambient genres, creating a darkly atmospheric soundscape driven by hypnotic rhythms and pulsating basslines. Known for his performances alongside Sasha, John Digweed, Guy J, and more, Luze brings his distinctive style and enigmatic sounds to the forefront in this remix.

Completing the quartet is Marcan Liav, a music lover and producer from the South of France. His influences range from Eric Serra to Massive Attack, which shine through his work. His remix of Amethyst takes listeners on a musical journey filled with melancholic, melodic, and hypnotic sounds, highlighting his love for downtempo, deep, and progressive music.

The Amethyst Remixes, in essence, celebrate the diversity and dynamism that the electronic music genre encapsulates. From Vancouver to Argentina, from Atlanta to the South of France, these remixes are not only a testament to Kamilo Sanclemente's original track but also a nod to the global love for electronic music.

“Be a part of this musical journey and experience the ethereal world of Voodoo & Prayers.”

At Voodoo & Prayers, we strive to bring you music that resonates, music that tells a story, and music that encapsulates the spirit of electronic music. Kamilo Sanclemente’s Amethyst Remixes do just that, paying homage to the transformative power of music and showcasing the immense talent that exists within our electronic music community. We invite you to explore the universe of the Amethyst Remixes, part one available now and part two available for pre-order with a full release on July 14th, 2023.


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