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"Argentinian Producer Emi Brandan Drops 'Melancolia' EP: A Mesmerizing Organic House Experience"

Updated: Mar 20

Emi Brandan's "Melancolia" EP on Voodoo & Prayers

Floral cover art for Melancolia release.
Melencolia Cover Art

Emi's unique sound and production crossing Progressive House to Organic House has made the job of Remixing his music a lot easier. The Beautifully crafted new EP Includes remixes by Herringbone in the style Melodic House & Techno and Tim French with his Electronica based Beach Dub. The amazing work from Tim & Herringbone has added a wealth of diversity and freshness to the release. This will be the 40th release for Voodoo & Prayers on its journey to a prolific Label. The whole EP has already found favour and chart success within Beatport where the release reached number 3 in Electronica Releases, Number 9 in Organic House and 24 in Melodic House and Techno,

Emi Brandan's journey into the world of music

The original single really encapsulates the feel and mood of Melancholic thoughts, and for us being in the heart of club land in Ibiza and the end of the summer seasons now here, its quite especially poignant. Emi's original tells a story of time sober thoughtfulness and the prolonged thought of happy memories which stay in the playful heart. A beautifully uplifting release with a ting of sadness. Reaching no 9 in the Organic House releases is the sure to push Emi in to the limelight, and drive home the talents of this Argentinean Producer / DJ and put a stamp on a future of big potential.

Emi Brandan's journey into the world of music commenced in 2008 when they first embraced the guitar and discovered the profound joy of singing. It was during this period that Emi's profound love for music was ignited. As the years unfolded, a fortuitous encounter with a DJ led Emi to a transformative realization – the ability to create and perform music independently, without the constraints of a band. This pivotal moment marked the inception of Emi's DJing career in 2014.

With unwavering determination, Emi swiftly delved into music production, complementing their burgeoning DJing career. Since that fateful decision, Emi has dedicated their life to becoming a professional electronic music artist. Along this remarkable journey, Emi has graced stages with esteemed artists like Nic Fanciulli, sharing the spotlight during a mesmerizing NYE 2020 party in Tulum, Mexico. Furthermore, Emi has had the privilege of collaborating and performing alongside internationally acclaimed talents such as Luca Bacchetti, Savage & She, Kerala Dust, Huaira, Fernando Ferreyra, Marcelo Vasami, and Mariano Mellino. Their magnetic performances have enraptured audiences in vibrant cities like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancún, and Cordoba. Emi Brandan's passion for music has not only shaped their life but also steered them toward the realization of their dreams within the realm of electronic music.

Tim French - A Very British Talent

man sitting at a desk elbows on the table and his hands interleaved in front of his chin
Tim French

Tim's Beach dub takes an electronica view on the mood but stays true non the less to the original. With a slightly euphoric and Balearic feel you could be transported to a happier time full of love and music. Beautiful beaches and magic moments are the order of the day a time gone by which again ignites the melancholic mood once more. With No 3 in the Electronic Release chart and No 12 in Hype Electronica you can see that the feel of the track has tapped in to something special for a lot of people and you too can find that moment.

Tim, a talented British DJ and producer, hails from the picturesque South West of the UK. His journey through the vibrant music scene commenced in the 1990s when he graced massive audiences across the region. Some of his standout performances include playing at iconic nights like Scream and United, hosted at Plymouth's legendary Warehouse, as well as appearances at renowned clubs such as Drop Zone and Boss Nova at the Sound Factory in Plymouth, The Monastery in Torquay, and The Grove in Seaton, among others.

Tim's deep-rooted passion for electronic music led him to secure coveted residencies at Shine, Eye-con at the Dance Academy, and The Candy Store in Plymouth. Throughout his career, he has shared the stage with luminaries of the dance music world, including Danny Howell's, Quivver, Lee Burridge, and Jody Wisternoff, to name just a few.

A devoted aficionado of hardware synths, Tim's productions are imbued with the classic Progressive sound of the '90s, featuring gems like Roland's JD800, Super JV1080, Juno 106/60, Jupiter 8, and Moog synths. His music seamlessly blends diverse genres, harmoniously bridging the old and the new. Currently, Tim holds a coveted position as a resident DJ on the global "Melodic Beats Podcast" platform and hosts a monthly show, "Connected," on Beach Radio. Audiences across the UK and Europe can catch him performing at various clubs and festivals. He has also made his mark with releases and remixes on labels such as Limbo Records, Melodic Beats Recordings, Pangea Recordings, Forensic, Perfecto Black, Lost language, Affiliate and Resonate Together. Tim's musical journey continues to evolve, promising an exciting future for this talented DJ and producer.

The Music Of Herringbone

Man leaning against a brick wall and standing up right.

Micheal King is no stranger to V&P, he first came in to our line of vision when he remixed Bemannte & Bruder's "Driving" again in the Melodic House and Techno vibe to huge acclaim. This time he is back with his pseudonym Herringbone to take the original to a whole new level. Beginning deep and mood there is a deepness to this one, never takinh things to fast. It slowly starts to build never taking things to fast, breathing and building to the monster of a track that finally opens up to envelop the dance floor. The break down just gives us a hint of the original but then once again burst in to life. Reaching no 24 in the Melodic House Releases chart is no mean feet in a genre flooded with massive artists, and yet still the quality shines thru.

Michael King, known in the music scene as Herringbone, embarked on his DJ journey in the year 2000, marking the inception of his passionate exploration into the world of electronic music. As the years rolled on, his artistic evolution led him to delve into music production, a pivotal step taken in 2009.

With an ever-growing repertoire, Michael crafted timeless tracks, including 'Plum Bobb' and 'If It's Silent,' which have transcended the boundaries of time and space to become revered classics within the clubbing community. These compositions garnered widespread acclaim and found staunch support from luminaries in the industry, such as Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg, Aeroplane, and Norman H. Michael's sonic journey has been meticulously curated through releases and remixes on esteemed labels, including Stripped Recordings, Hype Muzik, Soulfire Downloads, Beat Code, and Baroque Records. Beyond his main alias, he also channels his creative energies into the alternate persona of Herringbone, adding yet another layer to his multifaceted musical expression.

"Melancolia" is now available from all streaming and download sites via this link.

Celebrating the big four, zero.!

To finalize we wanted celebrate ourselves a little bit,with this being out 40th release on the label and still going strong, and with some amazing music to finish this year and to propel us in to 2024. We want to give a massive thanks to all our our artists past, present and future for being part of our journey in pushing outstanding electronic music. With an ethos for pushing new artists and building a roster of friends coupled with a true love for electronic music scene, in all its shapes and forms we are so excited to see how the future unfolds. And finally a massive thank you to yourselves and all the people that have bought and supported our music, and continue to be part of our evolution.

Only 10 more and we will have the half century..!

Listen to Emi Brandan on the V&P Mix Show

We are excited to have Emi on the show with an hour guest mix showcasing his DJ talent.


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