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Depths of Sound: Lee Gardner's "Passive Art" EP the best of Minimal Deep Tech

Updated: Mar 20

Floral Kalidasopic cover art for "Passive Art" Music Release


In the vast realm of underground electronic music, where innovation knows no bounds, a name that's been resonating through the subterranean soundscapes is none other than Lee Gardner. With his latest EP "Passive Art," Gardner delivers creative experience that delves deep into the realms of Minimal Deep Tech and House music, leaving listeners entranced by this after party, sunday session sound. Featuring a remix by the esteemed UK producer Daniel UK, this EP is a testament to the unbridled creativity thriving within the electronic music underground.

Dimely lite dj booth with Lee Gardner playing vinyl on technics 1210's

A Glimpse into the "Passive Minimal Deep Tech Art:

"Passive Art" isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a journey through pulsating rhythms, intricate textures, and carefully sculpted sonic dimensions. Lee Gardner's signature touch is immediately apparent as the EP unfolds, revealing his masterful command over the fusion of Minimal Deep Tech and House music. Each track feels like a carefully woven tapestry of sounds, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the hypnotic cadence of the music.

a bright room with Daniel UK standing in front of a window

A Collaborative Force: Daniel UK's Remix:

Adding another layer of depth to "Passive Art" is a mesmerizing remix by none other than Daniel UK. A respected figure in the UK's electronic music scene, Daniel UK brings his unique perspective to the EP. His remix resonates synergistically with Gardner's original tracks, injecting a fresh energy while staying true to the EP's immersive ethos. The collaborative effort between these two talents culminates in a remix that's pure heads down on the dance floor and it was that good you didn't even think of reaching for shazam. This is a reflection of the synergy between these two artist - DJs and this can also been seen in the B2B sets they have collaborated on in the past and near future.

Where to Immerse Yourself:

For those eager to immerse themselves in the sonic marvel that is "Passive Art," the EP is available for purchase on Beatport. Additionally, it's ready for streaming across all major music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The EP's reach extends further, making its presence felt on platforms like Tidal and YouTube. If you're one to curate your visual experiences, the tracks are primed for integration into your TikTok and Instagram Reels, allowing you to synchronize your creativity with the EP's enigmatic tunes.

Closing Thoughts:

Lee Gardner's "Passive Art" EP stands as a testament to this producers place in underground electronic music. With its fusion of Minimal Deep Tech and House music elements, the EP presents a captivating auditory journey that's as suited for a dimly lit dance floor as it is for introspective headphone listening. As we delve deeper into the world of electronic music, releases like "Passive Art" remind us of the infinite artistic landscapes this genre can provide. Its a massive boost for us a label to focus for a forth time on Lee's ,music, which as you might we have gathered we can get behind with full force. For us Lee brings a certain mature sound to what is a rather new genre in the scheme of house music. His productions can blur lines, mix and pull from not only his wealth of musical knowledge but Electronic music on a broad scale.

So, whether you're a DJ or a fervent connoisseur of underground electronic beats, a curious soul eager to dive into uncharted musical waters or the raver chasing the last after party vibes on a Monday morning, "Passive Art" is for you.

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